Mail App sending duplicate messages

Apr 15, 2015
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Forgive me - I am NOT computer savvy.

I started having problems with my hotmail account in the Mail App. I removed a second account (yahoo), and when I did so, some of the settings for my hotmail account were changed.
In the end, I removed all accounts and re-added the hotmail account.

Now, when I send a message, the recipient gets it twice and the sent messages folder has two copies?

Also, before the changes, the hotmail account folders were synced in Mail, and now my hotmail folders do not appear in mail?
Sep 17, 2014
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I do use, but not as my primary EMail account. I just looked at my hotmail account, and I did not see anything, via the "Settings" choice, about managing how many replies get sent, nor how many times a reply gets sent.

Also, and I just tried this, I added my hotmail account to the Mail application (never use it, as I have Outlook), and looked at settings for that account (hotmail) I added. Still saw nothing relating to your issue at all.

Maybe someone else with more experience using hotmail can help you.
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