Magic Keyboard 2 not detected, not working over cable

Feb 13, 2022
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About an hour ago, my magic keyboard 2 (For my work M1 iMac) was randomly disconnected. This has happened before both with the keyboard and the mouse, but after a restart, it fixes itself, so I thought nothing of it at the time. This time, however, the keyboard will not connect, and will not work even with the cable plugged in.
I tried restarting the iMac, I tried charging for 30+min, it has been turned off/on more times than I can count.
It didn't fall, I didn't spill anything on it, it's not dusty or dirty (New work iMac; got it less than 3 months ago), it has been just sitting on my desk this whole time.
Is there a possibility that it is broken/faulty?
Has this happened to anyone before? I can't find any references online about i
Any advice or help is appreciated.

Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

It could be a failure of some form with the keyboard, especially if it doesn't work when connected via a cable.
  • Have you tried completely removing it from the Bluetooth preference pane and then re-adding it?
  • Do you have another Apple device that you can try pairing it with?

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