Macbook Pro black screen

Apr 30, 2019
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Need some help. Using a Macbook pro (not sure of the exact version). Today I downloaded a 26 MB drupal package zip file and the screen went black. So far cannot get anything to display. Here are the steps Ive tried so far:

-Holding down power and powering on with and without the power adapter
-control option p and r buttons on startup
-control and 0 and F options to go into recovery mode
-hooking up to an external monitor via the DVI port
-holding down shift while powering up for safe mode
-holding down alt while powering up for recovery mode

None of the above steps worked for me unfortunately. The laptop light comes on and off each time so there is definitely power and I dont hear any signs of hard disk issues. Outside of possible hardware display issues any suggestions on how to fix this?


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

If you get the serial number, you can enter it here to get the actual model: Check Your Service and Support Coverage

Since it it gets no video/some video on the built-in LCD panel, and the issue happens on an external display as well, I would lean towards a hardware issue with the logic board/graphics chip.

Let us know the exact model and version of OS X/macOS and we'll go from there.


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