MacBook Pro 16' 2019 - 6 hours of battery after charging

Oct 30, 2020
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I've been facing a really annoying battery issue with my 16 inch 2019 MacBook Pro for a couple of days. After I charge it for a while and then unplug it, the estimated battery life drops to 6 hours (normally it is 11-12) when watching YouTube videos. It doesn't change even if I close all the programs and do nothing on the computer. After a couple hours of using it, the battery life increases to its normal level. For example, as I'm writing this post, the battery life went back to normal 1 hour after charging it. Also the overall temperature of the laptop increases by 5-10 degrees during this process. However the battery health is shown "normal". What should I do?

Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

That sounds normal to me, since battery life will fluctuate depending on your activity. Streaming video is a resource hog, and will definitely shorten battery life. The battery life estimate will fluctuate, and go back up when you stop streaming.

It is also normal for the temperature to rise, and you may hear the fan spin up to a higher RPM during streaming.

Make sure you are using the MBP on a flat hard surface, as using it on blankets and such will block the ventilation, and it may actually shut down due to overheating.

Hope that helps.


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