MacBook Administration

Aug 21, 2019
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Hello together,

Im doing the IT for a small company with only windows clients and a standard AD setup. Actually its no problem to get new MacBooks to work, but there is only the problem there is no way to manage them.

Is there a software that can be used within the ad structe to manage macbooks? Software deployment, profile creation, software summary etc..
Ive seen something like macos server and mdm, but can they be used within my existing domain and AD?

Thank you!

Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

-How many MacBooks?
-What kind of management are you looking for?

I have used several of the MDMs around, and Jamf is the best I have found. I currently manage over 450 Macs and 1750 iPads using Jamf Pro. There are two solutions they offer depending on the amount of management you are looking for. Jamf is fully compatible with Active Directory.

Let me know if you have additional questions.


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