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Sep 14, 2012
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so this is slightly difficult to explain, ill do my best.
I have a 3rd generation iPod touch and it has been my faithful companion, i got all of my music from my friends computer and have never used another computer for fear that it would erase my current music. recently I received a new mac book pro and a 120 GB external hard drive filled with music. i put most of that music onto my mac book. being tired of having to buy everything from the iPods iTunes store app i decided to find a program online to transfer all of my songs onto iTunes. worked like a charm. although when my iPod is plugged in i cant put music from my current library onto my iPod and its really bothering me. i don't know if all of the information before that is actually necessary but i figure every detail might help. so if anyone actually reads this and knows what my issue is i would love to add some new tunes to my iPod!

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