IPhone sync music help?

May 15, 2024
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MusicApp on my Mac has the music media folder as ~/Me/Music/Music/Media.

When I select Sync, is this using my .mp3 files from the above folder or filesystem in iCloud?
Mar 28, 2024
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When you sync music from the Music app (formerly iTunes) on your Mac to your iPhone, it's important to understand how the music is being transferred and from where. Based on your description of the situation, here's how it works:

Syncing Music to iPhone​

  1. Source of the Music: The default behavior of the Music app on your Mac is to sync the local .mp3 files (or other supported formats) from your music media folder. In your case, this is the folder located at ~/Me/Music/Music/Media. This means that the files stored in this folder on your Mac are the ones being synced to your iPhone when you choose to sync.
  2. iCloud Involvement: If you are also subscribed to Apple Music or iTunes Match, you have the option to use iCloud Music Library. This service matches or uploads your local music library to iCloud, allowing you to access your music library on any device signed in with your Apple ID, without needing to physically sync the files. If iCloud Music Library is enabled, the Music app can sync any available tracks from iCloud to your device if they are not physically stored on your Mac.

Steps to Sync Music from Mac to iPhone Using the Music App​

To ensure your music syncs correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Connect Your iPhone to Your Mac: Use a USB cable or connect over Wi-Fi if you've set up Wi-Fi syncing previously.
  2. Open the Music App: Launch the Music app on your Mac.
  3. Select Your iPhone: Your iPhone should appear in the sidebar under "Devices." Click on it.
  4. Configure Sync Settings: In the iPhone management screen, go to the "Music" section. You can choose to sync your entire music library or select specific playlists, artists, albums, and genres.
  5. Start the Sync: Click the "Apply" button to start syncing the music from your Mac to your iPhone. If the "Sync" button is available instead, click that.

Additional Notes​

  • Check iCloud Settings: If you are using iCloud Music Library and want to ensure that you're syncing local files, check your settings in the Music app. Go to "Music" > "Preferences" in the menu bar, click the "General" tab, and see if "Sync Library" is checked. This means iCloud Music Library is active.
  • Local Files Priority: Even if iCloud Music Library is enabled, syncing through the Music app when connected via USB or Wi-Fi typically prioritizes transferring files stored locally on your Mac. iCloud comes into play primarily for accessing your library across devices without syncing.
If you want to ensure that specific local files are being synced, or if you want to manage which files are stored locally versus in iCloud, these settings and where you place your files on your Mac will be crucial. Adjust these based on how you prefer to access and sync your music.

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