Inter-connection help (capsule, ext hdd, wifi)

Nov 16, 2017
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My housemates and family got me some early Xmas presents, and I'm trying to set them all up symbiotically – together and with my existing gear.
What I've got so far, is fibre to the property nbn to an Optus modem/router – to the ports strip built into my apartment. Then in my room from a wall port, to the wan port on my time capsule. Then for good measure, from a lan port on the time capsule to the back of my new iMac.
I've set up a wireless network on the time capsule (named differently to the existing house wifi), and a guest network.

I want to set up time machine, and do automatic back-ups directly to the time capsule's internal storage (theres a wizard, and I imagine that its super easy. Just want to make sure everything network-wise is sorted first).
And I also have an 8tb external that I want to fill with movies and tv shows and have connected via usb on the time capsule so that my housemates can access the files (via the guest network preferably).

How do I set it all up so that they can get to the movies, etc without the possibility of accessing any data or back-ups on the time capsule itself?
If that makes sense? (Sorry for the stupid question).



Jun 13, 2007
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Hi, this is no way a stupid question & it makes perfect sense!

Unfortunately it's way above my head but hopefully someone will chime in soon with some advice.

Is this the first time you have had a set up like this working?

Your Mac OS Version? Also your Mac model too.

Fibre to the property sounds good, luckily for us we also have fibre to the house like you whereas the rest of the country is only getting fibre to the node (or a central cabinet - the node - that services the neighbourhood) due to a change in government & cutbacks.

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