I cannot login to my router settings

Aug 26, 2016
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I have an Actiontec GT784WNV router. I use an Airport Time Capsule that is in bridge mode and I can no longer login to the web-based router settings page. My old login credentials do not work nor do any others published online or suggested by my ISP. I was able to go directly to the settings page without having to login with OS Mojave but now that I have OS Catalina I see a login page. My ISP has online instructions on how to do a factory reset on a router using the reset button on the back which my router does have. What I still cannot understand (I have already chatted with my ISP but they seem lost) is just how I will start over with a new user name and password to access the web-based router settings? In other words, if I reset the router and then go to http:/1XX.XXX.X.X (where I should see the login requiring a User Name and Password) what User Name and Password do I enter to access the settings? Once I can login I would plan to find a page allowing me to change the default login info to something unique and therefore more secure. I made all the current configuration settings some time ago so I hope to be able to remember how to reset them. Thank you.


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