How can I play the Settlers 7?


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Mar 25, 2020
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Hi everyone,

I've made an unfortunate discovery today. Eight years ago I bought the Settlers 7 - Paths to a Kingdom which was released both for PC and Mac. I played the game on my Mac a lot and really liked it. Today I wanted to install the game on my Macbook Air but the installer wouldn't launch as my current IOS system (Catalina) did not support the file. Next to that I read that Ubisoft decided to suspend its 'Uplay' service for Mac, which was necessary to launch the game. Conclusion: I can't even play the single player anymore. I think its pretty ridiculous that I cannot play the game which I once paid for (also for its DLC's).. I was wondering if it still would be possible to somehow evade the whole Uplay thing and install the game on my Macbook Air. Is there a possibility? If yes, how? Thanks a lot!


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