Hello everyone

Feb 17, 2016
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I'm new to forums and most things technological! I'm currently studying and have muddled through the year with nothing going too wrong...however I've known that the day would come when I would have to get a little more savvy!
The day has come :) I'm looking forward to reading through common problems and getting more skilled at problem solving by myself.

Also looking forward to getting some help with a specific problem I'm having...I'll post a new thread soon.

Kind regards,

Sep 17, 2014
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Welcome, Peta! YOu'll find that a number of folks on here are more than willing to help. When you make a post needing help, it is best if you let us know the following information:

1. The exact Mac model you have.

2. The exact Mac OS you are using.

Also, hope you are making backups to an external device. That will save you a lot of headaches! And, it would be good if you perform periodic disk cleanup/maintenance. We can provide information as to which tools you can use for that (along with tools for backups).

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