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Sep 17, 2014
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In another thread, an individual stated that Firefox has the ability for a secured VPN. And as I have previously mentioned, Opera comes with a built-in VPN "service". With that, I did some research on free VPN "services", and it is not easy to choose one. Also, I wonder how a free VPN "service" compares to paid VPN services (just about all the free ones I looked at offer a paid option, with increased benefits).

So, I would appreciate some feedback about free vs. paid VPN services. For one free one called Windscribe, this is a comprehensive review:

And this link shows the 5 best free VPN services for 2018:

Yes, there is the old saying that "one gets what they pay for", and also that "nothing is free in this world". But I would still appreciate some comments/suggestions, etc.

Finally, I am located just south of Seattle, WA, if that makes any difference. And most of my VPN "usage" would be on my Mac Mini, with an Ethernet connection to my Arris Telephony Modem/Netgear Router (my ISP is Comcast).


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