Need Easy, Free VPN to Make Supplement Order Within USA From UK

May 10, 2018
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I use (other supplement firms are available) but want to ship within the USA to a friend, while I am in England. In 2013 their ordering system let me do this but now it detects I'm in the UK which blocks the USA as a destination country, although just about every other country is available. iHerb's chat staff just direct me to, which then reverts to their UK site.

As I see it, I need a proxy server (not VPN -- my mistake) so iHerb's software can't see my location. In 2012 I used to use a free proxy server in Thailand to get around petty government blocks on websites, which worked fine but slowed browsing considerably. With all the MacOS upgrades since then, that feature was lost from my Mac and I can't remember exactly what I used but it appeared at top-right of the screen. Now using High Sierra. And Safari stalls sometimes -- but that's another issue.

Can someone kindly advise me how to get around this annoying ordering problem? Thank you.


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