For Anyone Running Bootcamp And Parallels On Same Mac

Dec 28, 2017
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Trying to get a handle on this prior to trying, so I hopefully won't mess anything up.

Presently, have an iMac with Parallels installed.
Bought a copy of W10 for it. All works well.

I have one program that I really like, that for a variety of reasons,
won't work under Parallels. The software developer tells me that it will run just
fine under Bootcamp, though.

So, I guess I will try to install Bootcamp also on my Mac.

I would want Bootcamp to be totally independent from Parallels.
I don't want to run it "under" Parallels, or vice versa.
Totally independent.

Question: As I go through the setup, is the Bootcamp installer likely to ask
me for "something" from MS regarding W10, or will it pick it up automatically
that it is already installed ?

I do not have a DVD or USB Stick for the already installed W10.
Only the big alpha-numeric key that was on the box, which worked fine.

Or, does this kind of setup require 2 (ugh) copies of W10 to be on the Mac ?

If it hangs on this, can I easily and safely revert back to prior to when
I tried the Bootcamp install ?

Sr. Citizen now, very, and frankly not too sharp with this stuff.
I am really concerned about trying to avoid any gotchas, etc. when I try this install.

Any caveats, thoughts, hints, or comments would be most appreciated.


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