Anyone Interested in a PPC 604 CPU Daughterboard?

Jul 26, 2017
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I have a PowerPC 604 CPU card I removed from a PowerMac 8600 back in 2002 so I could install a Sonnet Technologies G3 upgrade card. I put the old 604 in plastic and inside a small cardboard box in the back of my closet, where it sat for lo these many years. I came across it a few weeks ago, and out of curiosity, re-installed it in the 8600 and it still worked just fine, albeit remarkably slower than the G3 upgrade.
I've listed it on eBay twice. It got a lot of looks, but no bidders. I was asking $20.00 and offered free shipping.
I hate to see this thing just languishing in my closet, and given the rising interest in all things "vintage Mac," I thought someone might like to have it, and believed I was asking a reasonable price.
I've listed and sold a sizable number of ancient Mac-related items on eBay like Mac 128/512/Plus mice and keyboards as well as a number of manuals and original software disks, and got more than twice what I was asking for.
I'm not sure what this site's policies are about selling items here, and I don't want to run afoul of the administrators. I didn't find anything prohibiting offering Macs or Mac-related items for sale (but I may not have searched out such policies sufficiently enough).
For what it's worth, I have detailed photos I can post in case anyone is interested.
I can't say for absolute certainty, but I believe this CPU card will also work in the PowerMac 7300, 7600 and maybe even certain 81xx and other models.
If I am violating any forum policies for posting this, please don't be too hard on me!

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