Broke interface installing theme, need help getting it back to normal

Jan 2, 2010
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Hope this is the right sort of place for this

BACKSTORY: Tried to install a new "theme" from Mac Themes. Followed the instructions in the readme and ran the installer. Logged in/logged out and now everything is all messed up. My entire interface pretty much does not exist. Attempting to open any program will load it for a second before crashing it, so any configuration outside terminal is out of the question as far as I know.

Booting into safemode didn't change anything.

The theme in question I used is and it luckily came with an uninstaller of sorts. IE "install original". My plan is that running this will install the original theme and hopefully not destroy anything more.

I'm currently at the terminal trying to run the Install Original Theme.pkg but I get a segfault when I run this command:

installer -pkg "Original Theme Intel.pkg" -target /

Sorry for the complicated question, I've only been using a mac for a month now. Thanks for any help.

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