USB3 RAID times out

Jan 18, 2014
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Mac mini 2011 OS X 10.8.5
Running a Silverstone DS322 RAID 1 system with two WD Reds (2TB each)
Connected by USB 3 through a CalDigit Thunderbolt station. USB 3 Cable is the one that came with the drive enclosure - Thunderbolt cable is an Apple 2m. Disks are formatted GUID Partition.

0: GUID_partition_scheme *2.0 TB disk1
1: EFI 314.6 MB disk1s1
2: Apple_HFS Disk1 1.0 TB disk1s2
3: Apple_HFS Disk2 999.6 GB disk1s3

Reads data just fine, but dumping a lot of data into it at one time (amount seems to vary) puts both drives offline for a while (up to a minute or so). Usually they re-appear, but not always. Happens with SuperDuper! or even dragging and dropping 2GB of data via Finder. With SuperDuper!, sometimes it would copy up to about 10GB before pausing, sometimes only about 200-300MB.

This does NOT seem to happen with another USB 3.0 drive (WD My Passport) or when the RAID is connected to the mini via USB 2.

Any ideas as to what might cause this, and (more importantly) how to get over this problem?

Thanks for any help you may offer.


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