Raid 1 hard drive issues - please help!


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May 30, 2017
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Desperately need help..
I'm filming a documentary and am using raid 1 mirrored system for my two 2 TB hard drives. After the end of every shoot day, I dump my footage from my Sd drives onto the drives, then delete the footage from the SD drives so that I have free space for the next shoot day.
I did the same this evening, but this time after I had finished the copying and deleting from the SD drives, I noticed that on of the raid hard drives was connected but the light wasn't on. Meaning all the footage had basically been copied over to just one drive in the system. After I unplugged both drives and back in, all the footage is gone from the one drive and I don't know how to recover/find it! Please help me, absolutely need this footage...



Dec 8, 2011
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Your best bet may be to try and recover the data from the SD card - have you used the cards since you deleted the file? If not, don't do it - you may be able to recover the deleted file as long as the SD card is not used.

I haven't used any data recovery tools for Macs (I've only used "Recuva" for Windows, it's free), however someone else here may have some suggestions. I just wanted to quickly reply so that you don't attempt to use the SD card and overwrite the deleted file.

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