unable to delete a file whatever I do

Jul 21, 2020
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Hey, everybody
I'm going crazy with this
I have plugged an external HD on my macbook and am trying to delete some stuff there are 2 folders that wont delete no matter what. I've had the same problem with the same folder in a BKP HD, I had to format that one so that the trash would be empty again. I cannot do the samething with this one bc i dont have enought storage space to make a backup.

I've tried everything: sudo rm -ri -rf -r none of them worked. I've tried moving the file to temp folder, nothing there either.
When I tried the sudo rm command I got the message : directory not empty
when I try to empty the trash I get: file in use error

Pls help me?
I'm running High Sierra on a macbook pro from late 15.
Both the external HDs are formated on ExFat



Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

Part of the issue may be that the drives are formatted as ExFAT. Do you use them with Windows PCs? If not, I would suggest copying the data to another drive, then reformat them as GUID - MacOS Extended (Journaled), if they won't be used as a startup disk.

You mentioned you don't have enough space on another drive to make a backup, so you may need to navigate fully into each directory/folder in Terminal, delete all files in them, then delete the directories/folders when they are empty. Also, you might want to disable Spotlight on the drives while you are addressing the issue.


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