uBar Questions

Dec 28, 2017
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Just started using uBar. Looks like a terrific APP, but not intuitive (at least for me).
Sure do wish their documentation was more complete.

Sr. Citizen now, and I admit that I miss many nuances.
Would like to ask these, admittedly, very basic questions re using uBar, please:

a. How can I tell if I am looking at a Dock View, or a Task Bar View ?
How do I switch between ? Pros, Cons, and limitations of each ?

b. Which, or both, views allow a true pinning of the icons, so they will re-appear when restarting ?
How do I "pin" items ? Pinning doable for "everything": Documents, APPS, and Alias's ?

c. Which, or both, views allow for the 5 extra bars to provide more space for items ?
How do I get another bar to show ? Doable in DOCK or Task Bar views both ?

d. I tried dragging a WORD doc. to the bottom bar from the Desktop, which I think, but am not sure,
is a Taskbar View. It wouldn't let me. Any idea why this might be ?

Hate to fill up the Forums with my dumb questions. Really.

Is there someone who might be willing to work with me off-line on all of this ?
Would be most appreciative.





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