Sr. Citizen With New iMac Questions. (very basic ones)

Dec 28, 2017
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What a great Forum. I'd be lost without you folks.
Sr. Citizen now, very, so please put up with me a bit.
Have several questions, so will list them all here, rather than separate Posts.
Have a new iMac desktop. Sure is a lot to know.
Hate to admit it, but, frankly, I miss a lot of the nuances in setting it up, etc.

a. Using the Parallels program, I installed, apparently successfully, W10.
But it did not ask me for a Credit Card. Can't believe it's free ?

Haven't played with it yet, but the W10 Desktop, etc. sure looks correct.
Am I supposed to pay for this W10 install, somewhere ? Did I miss something (as usual) ?
No screen came up asking for ?

b. I would like to pick an actual size for the W10 partition.
But the only thing that came up during the installation process was a Slider with words
like Max., Medium, etc. No actual numbers to select a partition size.

Is there some way, or just put the slider in the middle, and live with it ?
How can I get some idea of how the HD was actually partitioned ? If so, how do I change it ?

c. With Parallels now installed, what is the best and easiest way to actually switch
between the Apple and W10 sides ? Hopefully without any Password requests.

d. I have those "radio looking arcs" on the top bar.

How can I check if the pc is using a WiFi connection, or my Ethernet ?

e. If I insert a USB stick, how do I access it to see what is on it from the iMac ?
To put an item on Desktop, just drag it ?

Thanks again; really appreciate the help,


Sep 17, 2014
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Would like to try and help you, but you never let us know about other suggestions we have made to you in a number of threads that you have started. Definitely disappointing.

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