For Folks Running W10 On iMac Questions

Dec 28, 2017
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Happy New Year's to all.

Have a new iMac, and trying to learn.
Lots different than with my old W10 pc.

The main reason I'm now part of the Apple World is that my W10 pc became
totally unusable. Pretty well convinced that it was due to the automatic downloads
by MS of their new updates. Totally screwed everything.
Incredible number of hours spent trying to repair, without success.
Apparently in W10 there is no way to stop the "automatic" downloads feature by MS.
They don't even ask permission to do so first.

So, I am of course really worried that the same thing might happen to my new iMac
once I install W10 on it.

a. How likely ? Any reports of ?

b. Any way of prohibiting ?
Will it do it by itself, again, whenever I'm on the W10 side ?

c. Do I need, or want, separate virus protection programs for the Apple side, and also
a separate one for the W10 side ?

d. Really impressed as to how the Apple OS found and re-created all my old
Comcast eMail Folders, and also initially configured itself for their eMail Program. Painless.

Would I need (or want) a separate eMail program for the W10 side ?

e. Any "nuances" or "caveats" about using and running W10 on the iMac that
I should perhaps be aware of ?

Is the experience of using W10 on the iMac pretty much identical to what I would
have if I was using a regular pc with W10 ? Differences ?


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Since you will actually be running Windows 10 on your Mac (within Parallels/Fusion or Boot Camp), it will be just as susceptible to the issues you had with Windows previously. Windows is Windows, no matter where/how it is installed, so the update nightmare will definitely follow you. The Mac side should be safe, and there is documentation from Parallels on how to prevent issues between the two.

Yes, I recommend using some form of antivirus in the Windows 10 install. Don't have much experience with them, so I can't suggest any specifically. You shouldn't need antivirus on the Mac side - I have never run any or needed to.

A Windows email program would be up to you. Personally, I only use Parallels/Windows for stuff that isn't available for the Mac, which is only two things in my environment. I rarely use it, and usually only to support family members that are having strange issues.

Nothing special about running Windows on your Mac once it is setup. The only difference is the way you start Windows in Parallels. It is usually more stable on the Mac.

Is there a specific need to install Parallels/Windows, or just because you are familiar with it? You could save some money and setup if there really isn't any outstanding need for it.


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