Touch Bar disappeared from 2016 MacBook Pro after Software update

Aug 13, 2018
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I have a 2016 macbook pro and recently did the high sierra software update 5 days ago and my touch bar disappared. It is like it got completely wiped from the macbook.

I have done the SMC and Nvram reset and no change.

I tried to Activity Monitor “Touch Bar agent” kill but it did not exist, only thing listed was Touchbar Server.

I tried the Terminal "pkill "Touch Bar agent" and nothing happebed. Also triedm "killall ControlStrip" but it said "No matching processes belonging to you were found"

Now i don't know what else to do.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreicated!


Sep 17, 2014
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There was this discussion last year about this issue, but that was using Sierra:

Not sure, though, if the "fn" method, described here:

will work.

Just to let you know, I am not having such an issue on my mid 2017n 13" MacBook Air. However, I did not do an upgrade "in place" from Sierra to High Sierra. Instead, after erasing and formatting my internal SSD, I did a clean, fresh installation of High Sierra (OS 10.13.2 at that time). Also, I recently with the same thing when OS 10.13.6 was released.

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