Text lost from emails on 2nd transfer


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Dec 18, 2010
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.... I have 2 computers, 10.4 and 10.5. I wanted to transfer mail from 10.4 to newer computer. Did this by FireWire ( not used before), went well, but in time i realised a couple of earlier emails didn't go across so i repeated the transfer but this time by usb.That was also fine until i opened the emails still on the 10.4(originating computer) and found they had all lost their text/graphics and in their place were the words..

This message from(Sender)concerning(subject line)has not been downloaded from the server.You need to take this account online to download it.

They show on the message list quite normally with sender name and subject line but nothing when opened except the above words.

The emails had been previously downloaded and the account was online at the time of me trying to open them, I am keeping both computers the same for now. The messages are on the 10.5 so i haven't lost them entirely but i don't know what went wrong to cause the corruption.

I then decided to experiment by bringing them back from the 10.5 to 10.4 which i did but when i tried to import the mailbox from the desktop i was told ... No valid mac files were found... they were originally quite valid files but could no longer be recognised as such.


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