Strange "Anomaly" With Some Logitech Mice

Discussion in 'Hardware and Peripherals' started by honestone, Nov 16, 2017.

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    As a number of folks most likely know, I have been waiting for the High Sierra compatible update from Logitech for their Control Center Software. However, I really wonder if that makes a difference, at least for one of my Logitech mice. Let me explain.

    I have a Logitech m325 "laptop" mouse that I use with my mid 2013 13" Mac Book Air, and a Logitech m310 "desktop" mouse that I use with my late 2012 Mac Mini. Both machines are running the latest version of Sierra, OS 10.12.6, and I also have installed (a long time ago) the latest version of the Logitech Control Center Software. In fact, I needed that latest version last year for Sierra, as Logitech did introduce an upgrade for it for Sierra compatibility. (It actually appears as a System Preference).

    Here's the strange part. The m310 is recognized by Logitech's software, and I have it configured as such. But the m325 is not recognized by Logitech's software. Instead, I have it configured via the Mouse System Preference that is part of the Mac OS.

    As for the "laptop" and "desktop" designations, that is actually a misnomer, as I can use the m325 on the Mac Mini, and the m310 on the Mac Book Air. The same "anomaly" about the Logitech software is "duplicated", ie, when I use the m325 on the Mac Mini, it is not recognized by Logitech's software, but using the m310 on the Mac Book Air, it is recognized.

    As another possible "explanation" of this, on Logitech's site, even though it shows that both of those models are compatible with the Mac OS, there is no Mac software available for the m325, but there is for the m310!

    I have tried to get answers from Logitech regarding this, but they are not being very responsive, to say the least!

    I did see that the Logitech m525 "desktop" mouse (I think it's the m325's "big brother") has similar features like the m325 (including no Mac software available). I am tempted to think that both the m325 and m525 will work fine with High Sierra, but still I would like to get definitive word from Logitech about this.

    If anyone would care to comment, etc., that would be good.
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    honestone, Nov 16, 2017
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