First aid works by HD gives strange comments

Dec 2, 2015
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Do I have a startup or Fusion Drive going BAD?
10.4.2 Mojave 2017 iMac
After running several days all ok.
I run Disk First Aid and get many screen snapshots, sometimes as many as 14. Some times only 6 or 7.

Run this when the beach ball runs a long time.


Sep 17, 2014
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Did you run Disk First Aid via the (hidden) Recovery HD partition?

In any event, that does sound disturbing. A couple of basic questions to ask:

1. Have you ever done any disk cleanup/maintenance/repairs, from a software perspective? You can do a good amount of disk cleanup on your own, and there are some excellent programs available (both free and commercial) that can help you with those tasks?

2. This is critical: are you making backups to an external device? If (hopefully) you are, what software do you use for that?

3. Do you happen to have a more advanced disk cleanup/maintenance/repair program, like Tech Tool Pro or Disk Warrior?

4. How did you upgrade from the prior Mac OS? Maybe a clean installation of OS 10.14.2 would help.

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