Set textedit to open a group of documents at once? (Textedit)

Dec 16, 2016
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Hey guys, my first post here.

I just wondered if it is possible to group certain documents together in textedit so that, when one is opened, all of the documents in the group open at once…?

For example There are 4 documents I want to open: document 1, document 2, document 3 and document 4.

Rather than having to open each one individually, I would like to set document 1 so that opening it triggers the other 3 documents to open.

If this is possible, I would also like to set document 1 to trigger the other 3 documents to close when it is closed, too.

My need for this arose from doing research, taking notes and writing down questions on various subjects using textedit, using a different textedit document for each area.
Being able to group these documents to open and close together would be enormously helpful as it would save me time opening and closing so many documents on so many different topics.
It would also ensure that all of the areas of analysis (questions, quotes, note-taking, research etc.) of the subject material are addressed by having each dedicated textedit document opened consistently.




Jun 13, 2007
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I apologise if I misunderstood your post but if you highlighted documents 1,2,3 & 4 then double-clicked one, wouldn't this have the desired results? It takes 1 additional step to achieve ...

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