Possible Mac Issue With phpbb Forum

Apr 28, 2015
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ive had a phpbb forum for two years, its good but not that great but its the nicest free software

i started a new one with the same files but for some reason the stats dont show up on it

everyone on phpbb can see them, and they dont work on any browser for me. they kept saying hard refresh your browser. then one guy said to cache my computer, i did and now its screwed up

i thought i saw the stats were working on chrome or safari rite after starting with the shift down but i couldnt say for sure the bookmarks for both of those forums are next to each on my toolbar and they look the same. and the computer was messed up beyond belief with windows and folders flying everywhere. i cant say for sure but i was pretty sure it was the site they werent showing up on

i had to restart to get out of that mess and they dont show now

could there be any mac reason why my stats, sounds weird i know, dont show up on my mac but for everyone else they do, but they do show up for my other forum with the same phpbb files and templates i modified over the years

my computer is old, my dad is sick of buying me computers. the first imac he bought me i screwed up because i didnt know you had to have the apple id you bought the software with and i tried installing different system software

second one i fell on walking in my sleep and broke it

i hate being the guy with an old computer

they work on this site


not on this one


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