Possible HD failure ( 2008 iMac )

Feb 1, 2014
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Hello Everyone,

I am having strange issues with my HD on 2008 model iMac. Initially I encountered an app crash/hang and on each restart the mac will start but then after about 5 minutes it will hang again.

I have tried to repair the disc and permissions but this also seems to hang on 'Checking Catalog File'.

I have tried to rebuild the catalog but this eventually fails with 'Open error 6: Device not configured'

fsck also fails on the hd.

I have pretty much accepted that the hd is damaged but I am trying to recover any data if possible. Diskwarrior will start on boot but it does not find the HD. This is really strange as the Mac itself can start and read from HD until the hang occurs.

The only option I think I have left is to install Mac OS to an external drive then boot from it.

Any other options available ?


Nov 14, 2012
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Hi and welcome,

If you have a friend with a Mac, take out your HD and put in a caddy then connect to the other Mac and retrieve all your Data, images etc.

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