Please help - Mac cant read hard drive

Jan 21, 2022
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I recently upgraded my PC (Windows 10) to run ProTools. I currently run ProTools on a G5. I wanted to transfer all of files from the G5 to the PC so I pulled the hard drive out and installed it on the PC. I enabled the drive in windows but did not format it. The drive came online but was showing unallocated space throughout. I got scared, pulled the drive out, and reinstalled it into the G5, but I get an error message when the G5 starts up saying there is a disk that it cannot read with three options, "initialize, ignore, & eject".

External drives is checked in finder and all the first aid options in disk utility are greyed out. The G5 is not connected to the internet - has never been - so i pulled the HD back out and reinstalled it into the windows PC to run recovery software on it. All of my files exist - nothing seems to have been erased - and now i am running a partition recovery scan on it.

With all the files there you may think "whats the problem?". The problem is windows cant read the files because the drive is formatted as GPT. When running the file recovery software (EaseUS) many of the files came back with names that couldnt be recov.ered - these were all my individual audio tracks for each recording session (ie drums, bass, guitar etc). Each session points to these files to compile the entire session for playback. I can already tell that the sessions will be broken if i recover the files with unrecoverable names.

What do i do? I have 15 years worth of recording data on this drive and now im panicking.

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