non-Apple emails being pulled into iCloud / Mac Mail - mystery

Jul 31, 2014
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My wife has an iCloud account and this is her main email address.

When she first set it up (2 years ago?), she already had an email address which we wanted to continue to use.

I am a Gmail user and I assumed that we would be able to add her old email account to the new iCloud account - as we do in Gmail. However, that cannot be done in the same way - as we all know.

Somewhere online I found away to do it. I am certain of this because there are many emails in her iCloud inbox (and on Mac Mail) which have been sent to her old email address.

I now need to stop the emails on the old address from being pulled in to the iCloud inbox - and I cannot remember what I did to make it happen! I know if took me a long time to find a way to do it. Probably a workaround of some sort.

I'm feeling foolish but can anyone help?

I have checked the following:

1. The old account is NOT set up to forward email to the iCloud account. This is the obvious answer but I have checked it via the ISP's online interface. No forwarding, no rules.

2. iCloud>Settings>Accounts does not show the old address - because you cannot add a non-Apple address in here

3. Manage Apple Id site does not help for same reason.

What else could I have done that leads to non-Apple emails being pulled into an iCloud inbox?!?


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