Mounting SSD in iMac late 2009 27"

May 2, 2017
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Hi :)

I have an iMac late 2009 27" that i want to replace my DVD with an SSD (but it's not quite so simple though).

I found out that this iMac model has one SATA2 port and one SATA1 port.
And i want the SSD to be on the faster SATA2 where the HDD is attached from the factory. And the HDD on the slower SATA1 port where the DVD will be removed from.

So i was thinking if it is possible to mount the SATA2 cable onto the SSD, and mount the SATA1 cable on to the HDD?

Is the SATA cables long enough to do that?

Will the Thermal Sensor still work even though i wanna move the HDD from SATA2 to SATA1?

Any other suggestions?

Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

Since that iMac is not a user-serviceable model, I highly advise against attempting this upgrade yourself. These particular iMacs are very easily damaged without proper training and experience.

That said, the internal cabling is only long enough to reach the current locations of the HD and the SD. The current HD and SD fit in the allotted spaces perfectly, and replacements may not fit. And, most of the time, you would need to replace the thermal sensors, depending on which type they are and what model the replacement drives are.

You could replace the HD with an SSD, but it requires an adapter and a new thermal sensor. It would be best to have an Apple Authorized Service Provider perform the upgrade for you.


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