Mac mail - emails are not being received by users of gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.

John Schambre

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Jul 24, 2015
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Several months ago I installed Mojave 10.14.3. The first think I found out was that all my emails going to family and friends with gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc. accounts were not getting my mail in their incoming mail boxes INSTEAD they were going to spam and junk! I kept trying and testing by sending text messages to my family and asking if they got my mail - if not, check spam. Every time they told me it went to spam. I contacted Apple help and they said this was a problem with the other providers (gmail, etc.). I tried three times to get Apple to deal with it and they won't. I even wrote a letter and they won't help. I contacted another provider of mail services and they said the problem was with Apple changing something in their OS or??? that won't let my mail go through like it did before. Is it really impossible for grown ups to work together to fix this?? Has anyone else had this problem? HELP!!

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