Lost access to system prefs and all apps following 10.5 password reset



Hi everyone

I need to start re-using an old laptop - my Macbook 10.5. I no longer have any of the start-up info and disks. I couldn't remember my password, so had to go into single user mode to create a new admin user.

Everything seemed fine and re-started, going back through the original start-up process to set up a new admin user. Unfortunately, once logged in, I have now lost access to all system preference settings (options/box just do not appear), all app icons disappeared from the dock, and when I try to access the applications folder, I get an error message telling me that I do not have sufficient privileges.

I managed to change the password to my original user account but have the same problem with that original user account too. I used the singer user mode to double check which accounts are in the admin group, and all accounts seem to be admin users.

I'm at a loss! Does anyone have any ideas, given that I can't access system prefs, or the original disks? I really appreciate your help. Thanks for reading.



Jun 13, 2007
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Does your original user account, the one you have lost the password to still show up at the log in screen?

In the new Admin account you could always reset the password for your 1st account if it is showing up in System Preferences ~> Users ... then log back in with the new password.

Any preferences for this 1st account wouldn't be available for another account AFAIK. I'm not entirely sure which preferences you mean as you didn't elaborate.

As for the original discs you could try eBay or Amazon but ensure the discs for sale are the Full Retail Version and not just an update version or especially not the grey discs that are machine specific and do not work for other Macs.

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