Lightning messed up my Airport Extreme any help??

Oct 10, 2008
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So, couple nights ago we had a thunder storm in our city.. and i woke up in morning and went to work and came back plug in my MacBook Pro, finding that it was not connecting to the wireless network. So I checked my AirPort Extreme (APE) and it didn't have any power. So i looked at the surge protector it was connected to and saw that it was plugged in but no power. So i took it out and plugged it into a different port, and the APE got power and then i took it out and plugged it back into the old port and it powered back up again. It connected to my MBP and i tried to go online but it said that my ethernet cable was unplugged. So i called up my ISP asking them to come fix my internet. They said that they were working on it they said the lighting last night took down some of their router and they were replacing them and it should only an hour. So i left for the gym and coming back i see its still the same. So i called up the ISP and told them at it wasn't fixed they said they fixed it from there end and it should be something on my side. So told me they'll send technicians in the morning. So in the morning the techs came and said that it was something wrong with my wireless router coz when they connected the cable to their PC it was working fine. I was kinda ****** at them because everything else on my wireless network was working like External hard drive and printer. they asked me to plug in the cable directly and i did and i was connected back to the internet..
so then i was a bit confused.. and plugged the cable back in to the APE and then went into the Airport Utility to see if all the settings were right. In Airport Utility all the settings were correct, except, it said ethernet cable unplugged had a (2) like this then i clicked on it and it said two errors one was ethernet unplugged and another one was Double NAT (which i have no clue what is) . so not knowing what to do. i took the cable out of the internet port of the APE and plugged it into the port for the hubs. and a little green light came on in the corner of that port so i thought that it was up, but nope it wasn't. then i took it out and plugged it back in to the internet port but nothing happened, the green light in the corner of the port did not come on. so i took the power cord out and plugged it back in and surprisingly i saw all the little green lights in the corner of the ports come on for a second and then go off. It kinda gave me a hope that maybe its fixed. but nope nothing changed. After that I unplugged everything and did a whole power cycle and still can't get on the internet, but can access my external harddrive, print wirelessly.
So i am out here trying to find solutions to fix my AirPort Extreme. so that i can be free again and rome around wirelessly around my house.
thanks in advance for any kind of help you guys provide me. anything on this matter will be highly appreciated.

p.s. sorry for such a long post.. i thought explaining all this was necessary to possibly finding a solution.
oh and one more thing no warranty on the device left, and no apple store or dealers that provides after sale service in my country (Bangladesh).


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