iTunes finds phantom purchased items on my iDevices.

Mar 13, 2016
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iTunes is giving me this message:

iTunes has found purchased items on the iPhone “xxx” that are not present in your iTunes library. Do you want to transfer these items from this iPhone back to your iTunes library?

I select "Transfer", but next time I open iTunes with my iPhone or iPad attached, the same thing happens.

I have *never* purchased a song or other media item on my iPhone or iPad, I always use my iMac. I have Apple Music, and sometimes download songs to my iMac from it. Yesterday I listened to an Apple Music playlist on my iPhone/Apple Watch.

I can't find anything on my iPhone or iPad by opening them in iTunes that gives me a clue. When I select my iPad/music, I don't see any songs. I used to see all of my songs before Apple Music. My iCloud Music Library is On.

Most of my iTunes problems connecting my iPad & iPhone go away when I restart iTunes, but this isn't.

What should be my next step in tracing down this problem?


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