Installing Pages on MacBook Pro

Dec 14, 2019
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When I bought my Mac it seemed easier to use Word & Excel as I had tons of docs in that format anyway. Now Microsoft do not support these on Mac & want to charge an annual fee for each for their new 360 apps. From what I can see, Pages & Numbers are Mac equivalents and are free (is that correct?) but I am loathe to download them if they will cause problems with my Word/Excel docs already on my computer.
I guess my questions are
1. Are Pages & Numbers free for the Macbook
2. Can I download Pages & Numbers without messing with my Word & Excel docs
3. Can I convert existing Word & Excel docs to Pages & Numbers or will I have to manually copy & paste.




Jan 25, 2017
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1. Yes, they are free.
2. Yes, they are usually installed with the OS unless they have been removed. If they are not present you can download them from the App store.
3. Word and Excel files will open with Numbers and Pages, there may be some differences, as some fonts are not available and some formatting may not work. I find 99% of my Excel files open in Numbers with only the odd font being changed.

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