Imac stop/locks and turns off when finishing putting the screen IMAC (Read)

Dec 28, 2021
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Hi all! I wanted to ask you a question.

I have changed the motherboard to a late 2013 imac (A1419).
Everything went very well, no problem until the last step, 2cm are to blame.

When mounting the display before gluing it with the iFixit strips, I wanted to overlap it before gluing to check that everything worked.

I have done the installation without any operating system problem and everything is perfect but I support the screen from below and I am closing, everything is fine, I am closing more, everything is fine, I get almost to the end to close it completely and when it is with 1.5-2cm to close, bum, the mouse freezes and shuts down but not suddenly. It takes about 5 seconds to shut down. Then you hit the power button and it doesn't turn on until I separate the screen a little (1.5-2cm) and it turns on again ... It is very strange because with the screen outside (connected and supported outside) it works perfectly. Not a problem, not a reboot.
When I go to fully support the screen, it crashes. If I separate the screen a little, it restarts, if I do not separate it it turns off. It drives me crazy!

I have put paper and masking tape in all the places where it can cause short (on screen) and nothing, it keeps doing the same ...

Let's see if you can help me...

Thank you all. All the best.

Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

That sounds like an iMac (27-inch, Late 2013), correct? If so, that is a fairly tricky repair without proper tools/training, and not recommended for the general public.

It could be a few things:
  • A non-Apple OEM replacement part
  • Another internal hardware/part issue
  • Something isn't seated properly causing a short, as you mentioned
I personally haven't performed that repair, so I don't have any valid suggestions.

Good luck though!


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