Imac 27" 2010 (I think) power problem


Jun 15, 2020
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Hi, This is an unusual problem. My Imac will sometimes not switch on. I repositioned the switch and on every click it registers on my multimeter. However whilst it does boot and work normally 2 times out of three, on those occasions where it doesn't boot it seems dead. The switch clicks normally but nothing happens. (this is also the case if I disconnect the switch from the logic board and use a small screwdriver to make the contacts)

The led number 1 lights when I connect the power cable and on most occasions the imac boots when I click the switch and the leds all light up in turn. Everything works as normal. However on other occasions, after clicking the switch, the led number 1 (power trickle) goes out and the imac doesnt boot. All leds are now out and in order to get the led number 1 back on I have to disconnect the power cable and leave it for a couple of minutes. Its an intermittent issue.

Has anyone got an ideas as to how to fix this?

Many thanks


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

It sounds like a hardware issue with the logic board and/or power supply. It will be kinda tough to diagnose without being able to have hands-on. Not sure what to recommend outside of the troubleshooting you have already completed other than replacing parts.


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