How to re-order OmniOutliner files, based on categories - value relationships?

Nov 7, 2015
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I'm seeking any assistance with a script (AppleScript or JavaScript) which would enable me to reformat an OmniOutliner file by creating columns based on first level items in a tab-indented reference file (e.g., a TaskPaper file), and grouping them with assigned values (hashtags) based on Category / value relationships outlined in the same TaskPaper file -- in which Categories are on the first level, and their respective hashtag - values are on the second level.

To elaborate further...

My original OmniOutliner files contain the following columns - headings: Topics; Tags; Book Title; Page No Under the "Topics" column, there are rows of cells containing notes, and the hashtags that I've assigned to those notes are at the bottom of those cells. (There are also hashtags for the notes, to the right of them in the Tags column, though they're redundant.)

In my TaskPaper files, I've got a stock set of enumerated categories (e.g., A.Research Questions; B.Critical Point; C.Contact -- or 1.Agencies; 2.Groups; 3.Events), and fill in unique values / hashtags for each category. The hashtag - values are unique for each research project I'm working on.

So, I'm seeking a script that would refer to a given TaskPaper file and use it to (1) reformat an OmniOutliner file so that it transforms the column - headings into categories -- based on the first order categories in the TaskPaper file -- while (2) leaving the Topic & Page No columns of the original OmniOutliner file intact (don't care about the Tags & Book Title column - headers) and (3) most critically, grouping the notes and their respective hashtags with newly-formed, TaskPaper categories -- based on relationship between categories & values / hashtags, as outlined in the TaskPaper file.

I've got an old script that used to do some of this grouping, but needs to updated to carry out these functions properly. Or perhaps I need to a new one that would carry out this process better.

In any case, I'd greatly appreciate any ideas / suggestions to carry out this function. Thanks!


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

Sorry for the delay in response.

I am not well-versed in Automator/AppleScript. Maybe another member will post a response, or you can try the folks over at MacScripter.

Be well,


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