Help me using renice/priority functions corretly for MAX FPS

May 22, 2015
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Posted this under MAC OS X aswell but realized this board might be more correct

Hi there, and thank you in advantage for taking the time to read.

I'm playing League of Legends on my Macbook Air and have achieved pretty decent FPS by tweaking around creatively.
When it comes to renice however I'm not sure if what I do damages or improves my fps and learning by trying would mildly put take a considerable ammount of time.

I've installed Atmonitor to easily Renice, I did run the terminal commands at first but aforementioned app gives a great overlook.
Anyways, the game itself opens 5 processes as I will list in order; UserKernel->LolLauncher->LolPatcher->LoLClient->LoLClient.
The last proccess is launched when the load from pregame selection to ingame interface has completed and takes up the most CPU, it is however not significantly lower in RAM than the first LoLClient.
Using the Renice option, would the last client be the vital one to renice or should i renice the first?
This question is mostly because I'm not sure if it's the CPU heavy app that should get priority or the ground layer responsible for handling it.

As you can conclude now I'm not very tech savy and on top of that a total mac newbie. That's why I need crucial help for my next question.

Using the renice option, are there some user or root processes i can either increase or decrease to maximize my mac's workload onto the gaming application?

I'm thinking of upping priority on processes responsible for 3d graphics and vice versa for handling heavy games, the only problem is I have no idea which they are, and my google-crawling taught too little to determine if it will provide what i hope to achieve -higher FPS, or unstabilize the system resulting in the opposite.
I know it's an uncontroversial path to step feet onto but I'm up for the voyage!

If you need any information then thanks again for helping and I'll respond with specifics shortly.
Additional fps tips and tricks are also heartily welcomed



Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

I think this is a better part of the forum for this post, so I deleted the duplicate in the other forum.

I don't have any experience with the nice and renice commands myself, maybe others here do and will chime it. However, from an OS point of view, I wouldn't suggest tweaking other OS processes, as you could make the overall system unstable.

The MacBook Air isn't really designed or known as a "gaming machine." A MacBook Pro would be better suited for gaming, as it has a much higher-end discrete graphics chip.

I did a search and found the following information regarding increasing frame rate for LoL on the Mac:

Optimizing performance for you Mac LOL

Hopefully some of those tweaks with increase your FPS without having to modify the system processes via Terminal.


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