Help Kernel kernel panic os not yet set , after interrupted update

Jan 4, 2021
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Hi I was trying to instal high Sierra from Sierra and as update was Instaling I had a power cut .

when I no try to restart my Mac I get a kernel panic after login .

to make matters worse I have a hardware lock that I can not remember the passcode for so I can’t boot to recovery.

is there anything I can do

the karnal panic says something about no os set .

I was able to boot into the guest account but that only has Safarias the hard drive is encrypted

it’s a 2009 iMac but I need the files I have no time machine back ups so really want to get this back up and running

Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.

Normally, macOS can resume where an interrupted install/update left off by restarting. But, in some cases, it will leave the system in a corrupted and non-bootable state, especially if it was converting the drive from HFS+ to APFS and didn't finish.

Did you have FileVault enabled by any chance, as that can get corrupted and not respond to the password in certain circumstances? That may be why you see that the hard drive is encrypted. If FileVault was enabled and is now corrupted, it may be nearly impossible to save any data.

If you happen to have an external drive with macOS installed on it, you may try using it and see if you can access any of your data on the internal drive.


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