hard drive functioning in other models? (emergency data retrieval)


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Dec 30, 2011
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Long story short. My infant daughter spilled water in my girlfriend's new macbook pro. It is not working. She's not recently back upped, and her exams are coming in two weeks, and she's got a paper to turn in this tuesday.

So we need to get hold of what we can as soon as we can. I hope the hard drive isn't fried.

We've got two other MacBooks at home. One 2007 model macbook, and one 2007 macbook pro. Will the damaged macbook pro's (2010) hard drive fit in any of those?

My little sister has the same model as my girlfriend. I presume if it comes to that I can get hold of her computer and swap the hard drive to see if I can get to the data?

Any special precautions if the above stuff goes? Like, can a damaged hard drive damage the other comps?

Thanks in advance


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