Free Mac Software for Converting MPG files to JPG file

Sep 17, 2014
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Yesterday, I used my Digital Camera to take what I thought were photos, but in actuality, they were moves (MPG files). I had not used the camera for a long time, and thus had the "mode" set wrong.

I'd like to find some free software to convert a scene from each MPG(MPEG) file to its own separate JPG(JPEG) file. I have Toast, VLC, and Hand Brake, but I do not see a way how to do that with any of those programs. I also understand that capability used to be in Quicktime, but not any longer.

Finally, I did try a google search (many times!) to find such software, and all the free ones are trial versions only, and they leave a "watermark" on the converted image/JPG file.

So, I would appreciate any advice/assistance with this.


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