Creating new text file by adding and removing text

Mar 20, 2015
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I'm new to Automator and wanted a push in the right direction as far as how to approach this and what specific tools to look for.

I have several PDF files that are song chord charts. I need the final product to be a text file that is slightly different. Here is what I mean.

PDF file input

Text file output

Anchor for the [G]soul, shelter for the [Am]storm
Thunder and the [C]lightning can be very [Dsus]frightening but God is in control[G]


The keys that are above the lyrics need to be inserted on the line directly below in brackets. It is not necessary for it to be inserted before a word as it can be between letters (i.e. fri[Dsus]ghtening ). I can convert the PDF to Word or Pages with the same formatting if that makes it easier for the Automator.

I'm assuming the process would need to count the number of spaces from the left the key is and then insert it with brackets at the same number of spaces from the left. But how ?????
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