Contacts in Google Apps to work with Outlook for Mac

Sep 9, 2013
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I try to get contacts in Google Apps to play with Outlook for Mac - without success.

Setup: Mac - Mountain Lion, Outlook for Mac and Google Apps (business license)

I know Outlook can not talk directly with Google Apps, but it must pass through Contacts in Mac.

What I am able to get to work:

- Sync between Contacts and Outlook (but only non-synced contacts)
- Sync between Google Apps and Contacts via CardDAV
- Sync between iCloud and Contacts (just for test)

The synchronization between contacts and Google Apps / iCloud works seamlessly, but I can not get Outlook to use the contacts that have come in via sync. If I create a contact in Outlook it will be created/changed in Contacts, but never sync

The built-in sync between options with Gmail In Contacts I can not get to work. Nothing happens when I put it up. Do not know if it can not work with Google Apps?

I have tried to reset the Sync Server without changing anything.

Is it possible to get Google Apps contacts to play with Outlook? and I have set something up incorrectly?

I thought it was possible to connect them via GoogleApps> Contacts> Outlook, but it's as if Outlook refuses to use contacts that are connected to something synchronization

Am I doing something wrong and can someone help me?


Nov 26, 2010
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Am I doing something wrong
hmm, trying to make Google and MS software work together on an Apple, I don't think you're going to get much joy.

Sorry I can't help.

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