Contacts app not working...

Nov 30, 2017
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Hi, I recently upgraded to High Sierra and did the first update, without issue. BUT, since then the Contacts App has stopped working, and will not show any of my contacts.
I have it linked both to iCloud, and to Gmail, but it isn't picking up the contacts from either account. The app shows the 600-odd contacts stored on the iCloud, but only shows the names, without details (phone numbers, emails, etc). It won't show vcards or anything like that.
I've tried to import from both accounts, and that didn't work either...(tried different formats - csv, etc - didn't work)
SO, is there a way to reload (specifically) the Contacts app, or am I looking at having to use a downloaded app from here on??
Any advice would be appreciated....

Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Since I don't have much experience with High Sierra yet, it may be best to check with a local Apple Store if you have one near you.

If not:
-Can you see the Contacts information when logged into
-Do you have any iOS devices that the Contacts info shows properly on?
-If yes to the above questions, you could simple sign out of iCloud and delete the Contacts from your Mac, restart, then sign in again and see if it populates properly.

As always, it's best to have a Time Machine or other backup before attempting these types of troubleshooting, so as not to lose any data.


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