Can't find recent Time Machine backups

Aug 10, 2022
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I backup my iMac automatically with Time Machine to a Time Capsule. A few days back, my computer started behaving erratically. At that time - August 2022 - I checked for disk errors (there were none) and I entered my Time Machine to try to recover a corrupted file which had been created a couple of days previous. I could see all my backups as expected, even though restoring that file still wouldn't open it.

I then experienced a system failure and found out, eventually, it was due to SMART errors on the drive that Disk Utility wasn't picking up. No matter, I replaced the drive and, after installing Monterey, went into Migration Assistant to restore from my Time Machine. However, the latest backup availble is now October 2021, a couple of days after it was originally created. What gives?! I know all my recent backups where there because I saw them a matter of days ago.

I had a poke around in the package contents and the only has a single entry, for October 2021. Dayum, did I lose all my more recent backups by choosing to restore from that one? What fresh **** is this? Any other thoughts as to where to go from here? Cheers.


Cory Cooper

May 19, 2004
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Hello and welcome.
  • Sounds like maybe the Time Machine backups were set to save on the internal drive that failed instead of the Time Capsule?
  • How much space is left on the Time Capsule?

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