Can I move the photos application to an external drive

Mar 16, 2016
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I have just been given a Mac (with a very small internal memory) which is pretty much full already (movies, iTunes etc). I have a stack of photos that I want to keep in the photos app, but it says that it's full. Can I either move the photos app or another one (ie iTunes where the bulk of the memory is taken up) to an external memory that I have connected to free up some space for the rest of the photos. If so how?
Nb. I am a beginner to the world of the Mac, so simple instructions would be hugely appreciated.


Jun 13, 2007
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Not the actual application but you can move both an iTunes library or your photos library to an external drive.

First copy the entire iTunes folder (with all its subfolders and files) to the external hard drive.
Secondly launch iTunes immediately holding down the Option (alt) key & select "Choose Library".
Thirdly, navigate to the new location of the iTunes Library.itl file in the iTunes folder on your external drive.

iTunes will remember this library every time you launch it unless you don't have the drive attached when it will show you an error window & the option to find your library again once you attach the ext drive.

Pretty much the same with iPhoto too just make sure that once you copy both the iTunes & Photos folder over to the ext hard drive that you check that the location of the new libraries are located & accepted by both apps before you delete the originals.

As with iTunes, press Option as you launch Photos to select the newly moved library as the default one.

Hope this helps.

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