Apple Messages problem with SMS

Mar 13, 2016
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My wife upgraded her phone last week. She discovered that her new phone's SMS messages would no longer work with her Mac. Looking at settings and comparing them to mine, I saw that SMS was not turned on on her phone. I turned it on. Now she can send messages from her phone to a SMS phone, and she can still send messages between her Mac and iPhones. But she can't use her Mac to message to a non-iPhone. Before the upgrade she could. I can do it with my iPhone and Mac and don't see any differences in our settings.

Her iPhone has "Pat's Computer (Mac)" enabled under settings > Messages . Text Message Forwarding.

Her iPhone has her phone number, address, address and address set up the same as mine (with "Start New Conversations from" set to her phone number.

All operating systems are up-to-date.

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